‘Sometime’: Mo’Ju releases second single from upcoming EP ‘OK’

Heavy Machinery Records is proud to share Sometime, the second single lifted from Mo’Ju’s forthcoming record OK, out November 19.

Sometime is out now following its premiere with Lyndelle Wilkinson on PBS Radio’s The Afterglow.

On the track, Mo’Ju shares: “Sometime is a song about coming out the other side of depression, cautiously. It’s about healing, forgiveness and learning to trust again. Letting yourself feel things but being gentle about it. I intentionally placed this song towards the end of the EP. I feel like it’s the part of the journey where the fog starts to lift. You’re not entirely in the clear, but there is a hopefulness… it’s tentative, hesitant, but it’s there.”

One of Australia’s most exciting singer/songwriters, Mo’Ju’s music has amassed critical, commercial and cultural influence. Her third album Native Tongue was one of 2018’s most important and award-winning releases, impacting her life, song-writing and the Australian music landscape.

With the album being a career definer for the singer/songwriter, Mojo had documented a deep and intimate exploration of her Wiradjuri and Filipino roots. The album represented a turning point in both Mojo’s career and in the ways in which Australian songwriters are telling their personal stories.

Now in 2021 Mo’Ju comes with brand new offering. O.K. – a ‘mini-album’, sitting somewhere between an E.P. and L.P., produced by long time collaborators and band mates Henry Jenkins (The Cactus Channel, Karate Boogaloo) and Lewis Coleman (Lewis Coleman, The Cactus Channel).

It is a vulnerable and introspective reflection upon mental health and loneliness, however despite the weighty subject matter, the song-writing and production is playful and experimental, leaving audiences feeling as though the music itself is the antidote for sadness.

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