Supporting Safe Schools is “anti-human” according to Lyle Shelton

The head of the Australian Christian Lobby has voiced his agreement with a Scottish church leader who labels support for anti-bullying programs like the Safe Schools Coalition as “anti-human”.

The head of the Australian Christian Lobby was interviewing the Reverend David Robertson who is a minister at St. Peter’s Free Church in Dundee Scotland. The discussion was part of the Australian Christian Lobby’s Voice for Values podcast series.

“These kind of things like Safe Schools and so on, are a Trojan Horse for promoting a view of humanity, and sex and sexuality that is fundamentally, I would argue, anti-human.” Robertson said during the discussion between the pair.

Shelton said he agreed with Robertson, describing the programs as “anti-human and anti-biology”.

Robertson writes a blog called The Wee Flea and recently visited Australia where he spoke to the Australian Christian Lobby about the rapid increase of secularism in Scottish society.

Robertson said during his 30 years as a minister Scotland had changed from being a country that had a Christian education system, laws largely based on Christian principles and politicians who acknowledged Christianity to one that no longer held Christian values.

“I would say that has changed phenomenally, the decline in church attendance has been spectacular since the 1980s, and any pretence of Christianity in our government has just disappeared.” Robertson said.

Robertson said the rise of militant secularism in the education system and nation’s media were one of the main factors driving change.

The Australian Christian Lobby is currently campaigning for a plebiscite to be held on marriage equality. The group argues that a public debate is needed to discuss gay relationships, transgender rights and adoption laws, IVF and surrogacy laws.

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