Survey seeks data on how LGBTQIA+ Australians voted this election

National LGBTQIA+ advocacy group Just.Equal Australia are hoping to learn more about how LGBTQIA+ Australians and allies voted in the recent federal election.

The organisation have launched a survey to determine what factors influenced LGBTQIA+ folks and allies to make their electoral decisions.

Questions are aimed at determining issues that influenced your vote such as climate change, the economy or the Religious Discrimination Bill in the hopes of coordinating advocacy aimed at Australia’s new parliament.

“The aim of our survey is to examine the voting behaviour of LGBTIQA+ people and our allies for the 2019 and 2022 federal elections, and identify what influenced people’s decision to either change their voting behaviour or continue voting for their prefered party or candidate,” Just.Equal’s Dr Sharon Dane said.

“Just.Equal will use the results in our lobbying of the new Labor Government, the cross-bench Greens and independents, and the Liberal opposition.”

You can participate in the 3 minuteĀ survey here.

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