Swagger Safari: Style Inspiration!

Swagger Safari

This Friday Yara Sofia and Milk are going to be performing at everyone’s favourite gay hip hop party, Swagger. This time, the theme is Safari, so without further ado, here is a collection of music videos curated specifically for optimum wardrobe inspiration!


Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Shakira masters safari accessories in this clip for her World Cup anthem. Stack on those colourful beaded bracelets and when you run out of room on your arms, throw the leftovers in your hair. Colour is what it’s all about here. Colour, and also plenty of fringing. Or if you’re lazy you can just wear a shirt with a lion on it.

Destiny’s Child


Ok so the setting for this video might be deserted island rather than safari, but I feel like an animal pelt bikini is applicable in any kind of high temperature wilderness area. Pick up some acrylic fur from a craft shop if you don’t like the idea of capturing and skinning wild jackals yourself.



Here Kelis demonstrates that you can achieve fierce Sahara realness using only items bought from a Spotlight store. Most of these looks can be attained using only your wits, some feathers, a truckload of beads, a couple metres of fabric to trail behind you and a hot glue gun. Or just some gold body paint if you don’t mind being arrested for indecent exposure.


Doctor Jones

This film clip has basically every outfit you could possibly need for a safari theme. Lead singer Lene Nystrom achieves perfection in cargo shorts with a matching shirt two sizes too small unbuttoned to reveal a bikini underneath. Let’s be real, you wear whatever you want with one of those explorer hats and it will look safari. There’s also liberal use of leopard print in the final scene, and something for the boys with intrepid beige explore ensembles or the option of going tribal with a wooden mask. Bonus points for fake snakes and spiders.

Janet Jackson

Together Again

Janet Jackson brings more 90’s goodness! This clip has so much to offer- shell arm bracelets, dreadlocks, cargo pants layered with brightly coloured sarongs, headscarves to protect your blue dye job from the desert sun. But I think the crowning jewel hear is clearly the goatee woven with rainbow beads 2 minutes and 23 seconds in. Perfection.

Katy Perry


In this clip Katy Perry builds on many of the standards set by the previous film clip. Like Destiny’s Child before her, she is stranded in a hostile environment in a torn outfit, and masters the wilderness in a metaphor for overcoming a bad relationship. Perry femmes up the standard issue animal bikini with a grass skirt and floral crown. Bonus points for turning high heels into spears and rocking up with an entourage of obedient jungle creatures.

For the details on Swagger: Safari, check out the facebook page.

Sophie Joske

Image: Facebook

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