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Review | THE ONE asks what marriage means in today’s world

THE ONE by Jeffrey Jay Fowler | Blue Room Until Jan 28 | ★ ★ ★ ½ Writer/Director Jeffrey Jay Fowler’s second offering this Fringe World examines the nature, history and culture of marriage in a unique take on the typical boy-meets-girl narrative set to the sounds of rhythm & blues provided by composer Mark Storen. Storen and producer Georgia […]

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Joe Lui Gives Up the Ghosts

Joe Lui Gives Up the Ghosts

‘Giving Up the Ghosts’ is an original production opening this week at the Blue Room. Local director, designer and theatrical jack-of-all-trades Joe Lui is directing this dark new show by first-time theatre writer and stand up comedian Sarah Young. We had a chat to Lui about his role at the helm of this exciting new […]

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