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Review | Gavin Roach’s The Measure of a Man

 The Measure Of A Man | Blue Room Theatre Until Feb 4 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ The Measure Of a Man began with the audience walking into the Blue Room Theatre Studio with the sound of Pleasure Drive by The Jezabels playing, while Gavin Roach danced happily on a spot to the hypnotic […]

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How do you measure a man? Gavin Roach returns to Fringe World

Queer artist Gavin Roach is returning to Fringe World this year with a follow up to last year’s acclaimed performance I Can’t Say The F Word with the second installment of his Anxiety Trilogy: Measure of a Man. Roach’s new piece explores the sexual anxieties and experiences of a gay man in the millennial age […]

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