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Bibliophile | Secrets uncovered in Charity Norman’s ‘Remember Me’

Remember Me by Charity Norman Allen & Unwin In June 1995, twenty-six year old Tawanui woman Leah Parata went hiking in the rainy New Zealand uplands in search of the endangered native Marchant snail she was studying. She never returned to her mother’s place and she seemed to have vanished completely. No traces were found […]

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Jennifer Sauders Confirms ‘Ab Fab’ Movie

Jennifer Sauders Confirms ‘Ab Fab’ Movie

Jennifer Saunder has confirmed that an ‘Ab Fab’ movie is in the works and should be on cinema screens in late 2015. Saunders was appearing at the Hay festival in Wales when she told an audience that a movie was in the works; “I’m literally writing the script as we speak – it’s in the […]

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