Take a deep dive into ‘Showgirls’ with doco ‘You Don’t Nomi’

Back in the first half of the 1990’s erotic thrillers were making big bucks at the box office. Films like Basic Instinct, Sliver and Jade were all the rage.

Then in 1995 came Showgirls, written by Joel Eszterhás and directed by Paul Verhoeven, the team behind Basic Instinct. It was an odd mash up of a Hollywood musical, an erotic thriller and many other things.

It was named the worst film of the year, then also took out worst film of the decade, and arguably did some damage to the careers of stars Elizabeth Berkely (who played showgirl Nomi Malone) Gina Gershon and Kyle McLauchlin.

But some people love it, Jeffrey McHale is one of those people. He’s made an amazing documentary about it.

You Don’t Nomi is playing at the Revelation Film Festival and Graeme Watson chatted to director Jeffrey McHale and began by asking him when he became obsessed with Showgirls.

So Loquacious · OTL – You Dont Nomi
You Don’t Nomi is playing at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, presented as a double-bill with Showgirls

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