Take a look at Russia’s surprising Eurovision entry from Little Big

Little Big will represent Russia at Eurovision this year with their song Uno which features what appears to be a dancing version of Ukrainian leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

With flared trousers, handlebar moustaches and disco sounds, the clip looks like it could have come from out of the Eurovision archives.

Little Big comes from St. Petersburg and consists of members Ilya Prusikin, Sonya Tayurskaya, Anton Lissov and Sergey Makarov. They describe their sound as pop punk rave.

The band have already found success with their comedic tracks Skibidi and I’m Okay which have been popular on social media site Tik Tok.

Will some dancing craziness see them take out the top spot? 

Russia’s track record at Eurovision

Russia has appeared at Eurovision 22 times since they joined the competition in 1994. The competition is supposed to be free of political influence, but sometimes you can’t ignore that the Russians have been unpopular. A few years ago producers brought in anti-booing technology to mask the audience’s negative reactions.

2018 is the only time they didn’t make it through to the final, so they have a pretty good track record. They won the competition in 2008 when Dima Bilan performed Believe.

Since Australia joined the competition five years ago Russia has been tough competition on most outings.

In 2015 Polina Gagarina came second with her tune A Million Voices, while Guy Sebastian came in fifth. The following year Dami Im just beat Sergey Lazarev, Australia was second – while Russia was third.

2017 saw Russia withdraw from the completion because it was being held in the Ukraine. When they returned the following year Julia Samoylova bombed out in the semifinal. Last year Sergey Lazarev returned for a second attempt with his song Scream which came third overall – six spots above Australian Kate Miller-Heidke.       

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