Technotronic and 2 Unlimited deliver 90’s memories

Mega ’90s delivered a party high with nostalgic party vibes on Friday night at Technotronic, 2 Unlimited, The Real McCoy and Dr Alban took an enthusiastic audience back in time.

Dr Alban took to the stage at Metro City, warmly welcomed by a crowd who were already dancing to well known ’90s pop hits thanks to DJ Nick Skitz. The Swedish artist, who was born in Nigeria, entertained everyone with some of his lesser known tunes before launching into It’s My Life and Sing Hallelujah.

Moments after Dr Alban finished, Technotronic ran on to the stage. Wasting no time Ya Kid K delivered Pump Up the Jam as the first tune. The rapper oozed attitude appearing in a matching yellow shirt and trousers, a black beret and dark sun glasses.

MC Eric soon joined the party delivering This Beat is Technotronic and the duo didn’t disappoint their fans as they worked their way through their hits including Get Up (Before the Night is Over), Move This and Rockin’ Over the Beat. Technotronic’s set was the highlight of the night.

The Real McCoy kept the vibes going with One More Night, Come and Get Your Love, Automatic Lover, Runaway and Love and Devotion. The band got close to the audience heading out into the middle of the dance floor and getting the crowd to crouch down low as they delivered their final number.

2 Unlimited presented a very right performance with original member Ray Slijngaard breaking out high paced raps while new singer Kim Vergouwen showed off her powerhouse vocals. Backed by two mesmerising backing dancers, 2 Unlimited transported you back to a time when you wore baggy brightly coloured jeans and hyper-colour T-shirts.

Surprisingly, for a band who had so many hits, they didn’t really focus very long on each of them. When The Magic Friend came on the crowd went wild, dancing along to the techno tune, but all too soon it was over and they moved on to something else.  Get Ready For This, Tribal Dance, No Limits and many other hits were thoroughly enjoyed.

Graeme Watson    

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