TEDX launch PrideFest event focusing on ‘Identity’

TedX Kings Park have launched a special event that will run during this year’s PrideFEST.

Identity will see five speakers give short presentations on what identity means to them.

Here’s how the night of short talks is described, “Are you proud to be you? In a time when our identities are increasingly multifaceted and ever-more detailed, it’s ironic that they’re prone to damage and even theft.

“Identity will be a journey through five, thought-provoking and challenging speakers, each with their own moving, unique and beautiful perspective on what makes us… us.”

Speaking to the topic will be Gerry Matera, Noongar Business Creator and former Pride WA Vice-President. He’ll be joined by Lynn McLaren, campaigner and former Greens Member of the Legislative Council. Arts Manager Mia Hyde, Radio Astronomer Sammy McSweeney, and Sexologist Steph Mashall will round out the bill.

Gerry Matera
Gerry, a Nyoongar traditional landowner, is the Founder & Director of Boya Energy, Marawar Building Services, Gather Foods and Eon Protection. Until 2021 he was also the Senior Vice Chairman of Pride WA. He also is the Chairperson at Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation, a not-for-profit set up to run health and engagement strategies for young Aboriginal youth in West Australia’s Pilbara.

Gerry has a demonstrated history of working in the public service and in Aboriginal affairs. Gerry is a passionate advocate for Aboriginal affairs who speaks regularly about how business, employment and training can all be used to create tangible results and outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Lynn MacLaren
Lynn was propelled into public life through her passion for animal rights, helping build an international movement against live exports.

Her campaigning skills were put to good use first as a political staffer and later when she was elected to State Parliament for the Greens WA (from 2009-2017).

Lynn introduced five private members bills, served in numerous committee inquiries that led to positive reforms and successfully stalled government legislation to curtail peaceful protest rights. She was the first American-born elected Parliamentarian in WA.

Mia Hyde
Mia is a Trans-Nonbinary, Queer and Aboriginal artist, who also works behind the scenes managing and curating arts events. They have been running Plant Milk Music, their own arts management company, for over five years. They also play drums in their own punk band, The Call Girls and perform as their drag/creative persona, Miss Phoria.

Mia focuses their work around the crafts and lives of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, First Nations, Disabled and Neurodiverse peoples. They aim to create accessible and safe environments for these people to thrive and share their work. Mia also works with Youth Pride Network as the Aboriginal Project & Outreach coordinator, working with Indigenous LGBTQIA+ youth.

Sammy McSweeney

Sammy is a radio astronomer and musician – known to many in the queer community through his work with the Perth Pride Choir. He and his partner of 9 years, Gary, married in 2020, shortly after the COVID lockdowns began.

Sammy grew up in Perth, the third of five children. After high school, he moved to Germany and then to Scotland with his family, living in each place briefly, before jumping completely out the nest and pursuing a Piano Performance degree at Brigham Young University, Idaho.

After returning to Perth and working odd jobs to save money, he served as a proselytising missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Taiwan for two years, immediately following which he quit the Church.

After many years of working in the music industry he made a career switch into science and graduated with a PhD in 2019.

Steph Marshall
Steph is a queer, nonbinary LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor and Sexologist. Steph began studying sexology, an inevitable way to combine their interests in psychology, sex education and queer advocacy.

Largely motivated by their religious upbringing and lack of comprehensive, pleasure-focused and queer-inclusive sex education, Steph wants to help reform people’s understanding of sex, gender and sexuality, from individual and interpersonal issues to systemic, institutional and legal injustices.

They currently work for an organisation that provides peer support and counselling to LGBTQIA+ youth, education to the broader community and corporate consultation.

Identity will be taking place at The Rechabite on Wednesday 23rd of November. Tickets are on sale now.  

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