Tennis player Stakhovsky is confident in his gaydar abilities

 Sergiy Stakhovsky Earlier this year Tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky created headlines when he said “every other player is a lesbian” in professional Women’s tennis.

At the time the Ukranian player said there was no possibility that there were any gay men playing professional tennis.

Now the tennis player has reaffirmed his views in a new interview. Stakhovsky is currently playing doubles at the US open and he has told reporters that he has “no problem” with homosexuals but he’s confident there are none in his sport.

“If there are 100 guys, or 128 guys, I mean, if somebody’s different, he falls out, doesn’t he?” Stakhovsky told USA Today. “In a locker room, where half the guys walking in towels are naked, yeah, you definitely would see something different, no?”

“I believe you have that feeling” if someone is gay, he told the newspaper. “I think that players would sense something.” Stakhovsky said.

The tennis player said that if there was a gay player in their midst there would have been rumours among the tight knit community.

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