The Australian’s transgender coverage labeled transphobic

AusPATH, the medical body for transgender health care in Australia, has labeled The Australian newspaper’s recent coverage of transgender health issues as a “clear transphobic agenda”.

The organisation says it is clear that journalists at the national newspaper “cherry pick” people purporting to experts in the field, and present a biased view of health research.

“The reason we have chosen not to engage with The Australian newspaper is that their journalists already have a clear transphobic agenda backed by cherry-picked “experts”. You can’t argue with zealots and crusaders!” the organisation posted to its Twitter page last week.

The organisation has previously posted a sternly worded rebuttal of claims the newspaper made about the treatment of transgender youth.

“Our organisation is concerned that the recent reporting in The Australian newspaper regarding health care provided to TGD children and adolescents is biased, emotive and is not based on fact.” AusPATH said in August.

OIP Staff