The Equality Project seek proposals for Better Together 2021 conference

National LGBTIQ+ advocacy organisation The Equality Project is calling for proposals for potential sessions at their upcoming Better Together conference in 2021.

The group’s fourth national conference is seeking a broad range of LGBTIQ+ and intersectional voices covering topics ranging from culture and identity to health, ageing to allies, and provide a platform to continue the conversation about LGBTIQ+ rights and experiences in Australia.

The Equality Project are inviting advocates, creators, artists, storytellers, leaders and thinkers to submit their ideas for presentations at the 2021 conference in Adelaide.

Speaking to OUTinPerth in 2018, co-founder and activist Jason Tuazon McCheyne said the project was established to work towards a world that affirms LGBTIQ+ people as equal citizens.

“We want to bring visibility to all aspects of the community, so that includes all of LGBTI+, as well as the Indigenous community, people with disabilities etc…” Tuazon-McCheyne said.

“We will also provide opportunities to form new relationships and tell stories, as well as opportunities for education and to promote equity where it’s needed.”

A free webinar providing more detailed information on participation at Better Together will be held on Tuesday 16th June via Google Meets, with insights on proposal submissions, scholarships, conference streams, disability access and more.

Better Together will be held in Adelaide on 15th & 16th January 2021. For more information, head to

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