Treasurer Scott Morrison applauds Israel Folau’s “strong character”

Treasurer Scott Morrison has applauded rugby player Israel Folau’s stance against gay people saying it showed “strong character”.

Folau has dominated news headlines for the last fortnight after he posted a message on social media saying God would send gay people to hell unless they repent for their sins.

The comments upset Rugby’s major sponsor QANTAS and Rugby Australia said Folau’s comments were not inline with their beliefs. After a meeting with Folau Rugby Australia announced her would face no disciplinary action for his statements, and Folau has offered to quit the game if he is not allowed to voice his beliefs.

Appearing on a web broadcast hosted by News Corp columnist Miranda Devine, Treasurer Scott Morrison said Folau was a “good man” and praised him for taking a stance.

“It clearly means a lot to Izzy and good for him for standing up for his faith,” Morrison said on Wednesday. “He wouldn’t have wanted to intend to have offended or hurt anyone because that’s very much against the faith that he feels so passionately about.

“But I think he’s shown a lot of strength of character in just standing up for what he believes in and I think that’s what this country is all about.”

Morrison, a prominent Christian voice within the Turnbull government, last year argued that significant protections for religious freedom were needed within the same sex marriage bill. The amendments he sought to insert into the legislation were rejected.

OIP Staff

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