Trish Langdon takes up new role at the Country Women’s Association

Trish Langdon, the former Chief Executive of the WA AIDS Council, is taking up a new role heading the Country Women’s Association.

Langdon’s appointment was announced at the groups annual conference and reported in Farm Weekly.

“I grew up for the first five years of my life in Harvey and mum was a member of the CWA so one of my earliest memories was going to CWA meetings and I’m sure I hovered around the cake table before being told off,” Langdon said.

“But it’s more than just cakes, cooking and cookbooks – it’s about the fellowship of women and I think the contribution the CWA has made as an institution in not only WA but around Australia we must never forget.

“The strength of women is really important and I’m really looking forward to my role.”

Trish Langdon spent 12 years leading the WA AIDS Council, and has also been the CEO of the Council on the Ageing, as well as spending time as an academic at the University of Western Australia.

While the CWA is often thought of as the home of good scones and the perfect pikelet recipe, the organisation has spoken out about many social issues, including the Victorian branch being vocal supporters of marriage equality.

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