UK transgender charity speaks out amongst claims of detransitioning

UK charity Mermaids which helps people experiencing gender dysphoria has responded to media reports in the UK that claim there are hundreds of transgender people wanting to reverse the process.

The group posted a series of comments to Twitter recently noting that despite media reports claiming that hundreds of people were now wanting to detransition there was little evidence that the claim was true.

Mermaids slammed recent reporting by the British press describing it recent reports as ” misleading stories, seemingly designed to undermine, frighten, alienate and demonise a vulnerable minority, including children.”

The charity highlighted a recent story published by Sky News UK, which has also been discussed on the broadcaster’s Australian service.

Sky News interviewed 28 year old British woman Charlie Evans who lived as a male for over 10 years, but now identifies as a woman. Evans shared that while she did not undertake hormone therapy or undergo any surgery, she lived as a man for over a decade.

Evans is now launching a new charity called The Detransition Advocacy Network, and is seeking financial donations to help set up the organisation. She claims that hundreds of transgender people in the UK have contacted her and told her they want to detransition.

The Sky News report claimed that there was no research into the number of people who undertake hormone therapy or gender affirming surgeries but then later regret their decision.

Mermaids said they had been approached about the story but reporters seemed disappointed when the organisation said they were supportive of all decisions people make about their gender identity.

“We were approached for comment during the week with the assumption that we would be opposed to anyone supporting people who do so. We explained – again – that we support anyone following their own path and simply try to help people to feel empowered and safe. We sent a link to this blog post on our website.” Mermaids said, highlighting a story they’d shared about actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge talking about how she wished to a boy when she was younger.

The charity also provided Sky News with information about research into people who detransition, but it was ignored with the broadcaster claiming there was “no research” on the subject.

“We also suggested the journalist consider the wealth of research showing that ‘detransition’ rates are very low: less than 1% in a number of intl studies, incl. the report below, which found of 3,398 trans patients who’d accessed NHS support, 16 expressed regret, and only 3 made a long-term detransition.” Mermaids posted to Twitter.

The group also highlighted an international  2017 study that showed people undertaking medical procedures to affirm their gender were overwhelmingly satisfied with the result.

Despite the information being made available the Sky News report has been copied across conservative and religious based media outlets. Mermaids say Sky News were lacking journalistic rigour by not questioning the claim that hundreds of people were detransitioning.

The charity has also highlighted another story in the UK press that has quickly spread around the world. A feminist group in Wales has claimed that school girls are afraid to use unisex bathrooms or bathrooms where trans girls are also allowed to use the facilities.

Lleisiau Merched Cymru (Women’s Voices Wales) says young girls are suffering medical harm because they choose not to go to the bathroom over fear that transgender girls may be present.

The Mermaids Charity said that while there is evidence of transgender students being afraid of going into school bathrooms, there is no evidence of this occurring for cis-gendered students. Despite asking for the evidence that was used to make the claim in the press, not information has been made publicly available.

Like the previous story, this report has also been copied across media outlets around the globe, and has also been highlighted by Australian anti-transgender organisation Binary.

Mermaids has asked for members of the British press to check their sources and validate claims before printing them in newspapers.

OIP Staff