Urzila Carlson back in Australia with ‘Studies Have Shown’

Multi award-winning South African/New Zealand comedian Urzila Carlson is back in 2018, and we can’t get enough of her.

Earlier this year Urzila Carlson bought unabashed comedy to the Perth stage as part of the Perth Comedy Festival. Her show Unacceptable hit home here at OUTinPerth, a response to homophobic remarks that Carlson’s dealt with on social media.

“I wanted to say something but I also couldn’t be bothered getting into that whole back-and-forth,” Carlson told OUTinPerth in an interview. “I thought to myself how I could say something that would nip it in the bud, so I just went with ‘unacceptable’.”

Now she’s back with her new show Studies Have Shown. In her hilarious and incredibly well loved manner, she grapples with the phrase and what it actually means. “Every time you hear it you know you’re going to learn something ridiculous! Studies have shown your dog is happier than your cat! Who cares! How about they give funding to scientists to come up with a way to eradicate the unibrow, or those weird thin white hairs you occasionally find attached to your face!”

Urzila regularly sells out her live shows in Australia and NZ, and is a regular in Melbourne internationally Comedy Festival Oxfam Gala and The Great Debate. Her first book, a memoir entitled Rolling with the Punchines, was released in earlier this year. Her most recognisable role however is probably her regular seat in Ten’s show Have You Been Paying Attention. And she has been paying attention. Carlson’s been quite vocal about the marriage equality vote recently held in Australia.

“Today 3 years ago I got married, legally to my wife,” She posted on Instagram on the 15th of November. “I hope the results of the ridiculous postal vote in Australia come back with a resounding YES so everyone can know the joy of marrying the person they love if they wish”. She was overjoyed at her wish being granted.

The new show is unforgettable, packed full of laughs, and just goes to prove why she is one of the quickest whits in the biz.

You can see Urzila Carlson live at the Regal Theatre on May 18- May 19. For tickets and full tour information, visit livenation.com.


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