Vanessa Paradis stars in queer slasher flick ‘Knife + Heart’

Lovers of 70’s films from directors like Brian De Palma might want to track down the new gay French slasher film Knife + Heart.

The film, which was in competition at last year’s Cannes Film Festival stars Vanessa Paradis. It pays homage to thrillers of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Set in 1979, Paradis stars as Anne Pareze, the owner of a film studio that makes soft core pornography. She finds young men and persuades them to join her band of performers. Slowly however a serial killer is murdering her performers one by one.

Who is Vanessa Paradis?

Vanessa Paradis has enjoyed a long career as model, actor and musician. She scored her first hit with Joe Le Taxi when she was just fourteen.

In the 1990’s she worked with Lenny Kravitz. Her 1992 album Vanessa Paradis is seen as a companion album to Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way, the songs on both were written at the same time, and the musicians were dating while the records were made. Kravitz’s version of some of the songs on the Vanessa Paradis album would later be released on the extended version of his album.

Paradis had a long relationship with actor Johnny Depp, the couple have two children from their 12 year long relationship.

OIP Staff