City of Vincent will fly the rainbow flag for marriage equality

The City of Vincent has announced it will be flying the rainbow flag through to November in support of its LGBTI community.

Mayor Emma Cole said the council had made the unanimous decision to show their support for the LGBTI community while the federal government’s marriage postal survey is rolled out.

“We believe it is important for Vincent to demonstrate our strong support for Vincent residents who identify in the LGBTI community and who could be negatively impacted by the up-coming non-binding marriage law postal survey.

“We also want to visually show that our community stands for equality, diversity and human rights, and that our Council is committed to marriage equality,” Mayor Cole said.

The City of Vincent has a long history of commitment to the recognition of same sex relationships and marriage equality.

Back in 2012 they established WA’s first Relationship Declaration Register, providing a service to all Western Australian adults with formal recognition of their committed relationship regardless of sex or gender identity.  The council have also previously voiced their support for marriage equality.

Following an official flag raising ceremony at 1pm on Friday 25 August, the Pride flag will be flying outside the City of Vincent Administration building, with a second flag to fly at Axford Park in Mount Hawthorn.

“Vincent Councillors and staff have the option of wearing a ‘Vincent loves love’ shirt in support of marriage equality and ‘Vincent loves love’ street banners will be added to the Mount Hawthorn town centre.” Mayor Cole said.

The City will also promote marriage equality through their social media channels.

Vincent is not alone in its decision. The City of Fremantle have been hoisting their rainbow colours for some time, and on Monday night Hobart Council also voted to fly the rainbow flag during the postal survey period.

OIP Staff

Edit (24/08 3:26pm): Added information about the City of Fremantle also flying a rainbow flag.

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