Visage Singer Steve Strange Dies

steve strang3Steve Strange, the lead singer of ’80s new romantic band Visage, has died aged 55.

Strange passed away aged 55 after suffering a heart attack. The singer, best known for the 1980 hit ‘Fade to Grey’, died in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where he had been on holiday.

While Visage only had their single hit, Strange was influential in the rise of the New Romantic movement. In 1978 Strange began organising ‘Bowie’ nights at a club in Soho, London. In 1979 he moved to ‘The Blitz’, a club synonymous with the musical movement.

Strange’s profile increased considerably when he appeared in the video for the David Bowie ‘Ashes to Ashes’. While Bowie’s song did have a new romantic song, it did feature the fashion of the movement.

The Blitz became the centre of the new musical movement. A young Boy George was the coat check girl at the club, and the band Spandau Ballet were regular attendees.

Strange formed Visage with Rusty Egan and Midge Ure, who had been in the and The Rich KidsĀ and Magazine members Barry Adamson, John McGeoch and Dave Formula.

Their hit ‘Fade to Grey’ has been released and remixed many times, last year an orchestral album was released with a new version of the song.

In 2005 Kelly Osborne released ‘One Word’, a song that sounded remarkably like ‘Fade to Grey’. Osborne reach an out of court settlement that included giving Visage a writing credit on the song.

In 2013 Strange reformed Visage with a new line-up and released the album ‘Hearts and Knives’ which was produced by up and coming disco artist Sare Havlicek.

In 2002 Boy George portrayed Steve Strange in the musical ‘Taboo’, while actor Euan Morton in turn played the role of Boy George. Marc Warren portrayed Strange in the 2010 film ‘Worried About the Boy’.

Yesterday Boy George tweeted that he was “Heartbroken” at news of Strange’s death. The Culture Club lead singer said that Strange had been a big part of his life.

Spandau Ballet, who were performing in Italy, dedicated their performance to Strange.

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