WA Opposition Leader Mia Davies announces shock resignation

Western Australian Opposition Leader Mia Davies has announced she’s resigning as leader of the Nationals and will not contend the next state election. The politicians shock announcement was made earlier today.

“Over the summer break I have considered my future as a Member of Parliament.” Davies said in a statement.

“In March 2025, I will have been a State Member of Parliament for 17 years, the past ten of those as a higher office bearer as either Deputy Leader, Leader, Parliamentary Secretary and Minister of the Crown. The last two have been as the Leader of the Opposition Alliance.

“I have served in both the Legislative Council and Assembly and have been involved in every election at a State and Federal level since 2005, either as a Member of Parliament or behind the scenes as Policy Director, State Director and Campaign Director for The Nationals WA.

“The decisions that our team will be required to make and deliver over the course of the next two years in the lead up to the State Election will be significant and require leadership from someone that intends to continue on beyond 2025.

Davies said she wanted to hand the reins over to a new leader who could steer the opposition back to government.

“Now is the right time to transition the leadership to give them the best opportunity to chart a course back to Government.” Davies said.

Davies represents the Agricultural Region in the Legislative Council. She was first elected to parliament at the 2008 state election. She held various portfolios during her political career serving as Minister for Water, Forestry and Sport and Recreation in the Barnett government.

She became the leader of the Nationals after the coalition lost the 2017 election. Following the Liberal party’s disastrous showing at the 2021 state election, which saw them retain only two lower-house seats, the Nationals became the officially recognised opposition party in the parliament, and Davies became the Opposition Leader.

A party room meeting has been called for next Monday for the Nationals to elect a new leader, who will also assume the mantle of Opposition Leader.

OIP Staff

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