WA Symphony Orchestra excels at social distancing

The much loved WA Symphony Orchestra have shown that the show still goes on in the age of social distancing.

WASO have renamed themselves WASDO – the WA Social Distancing Orchestra – as they released an impressive video of the orchestra playing a truncated arrangement of Ravel’s Bolero with each artist playing from their own home.


Maurice Ravel’s Bolero first premiered in 1928 and has been a popular classical piece of music ever since. It had a resurgence of popularity when it featured in the 1979 sex comedy 10 starring Bo Derek.

The tune usually runs for around 15 minutes in length, but this arrangement by Simon Kruit, dubbed Bit o’ Bolero is a tidy 2.25 min. If you’re after an even shorter version of Bolero, check out the soundtrack to the film Three Colors Blue – it has a version that’s just 1.28 min.

OIP Staff

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