Watch New Queer Show ‘Cucumber’ Online at SBS


Russell T Davies, the man behind the original UK series of ‘Queer as Folk’ and the revamped ‘Doctor Who’ is the writer of the show.

‘Cucumber’ and ‘Banana’ are two shows separate shows that will have interlinked stories.

‘Cucumber’ focuses on the lives of a group of gay men in their 40’s, while ‘Banana’ tells the same tales from the perspective of a group of men in their 20’s.

SBS has made all six episodes of British queer TV series ‘Cucumber’ available on its website.

Head to the SBS website to see the series. The show expires in 5 days time.

‘Cucumber’ will stars actor Vincent Franklin, best known for his role as a PR guru in ‘In the Thick of It’, as Henry Best – a gay man in his 40’s who after a relationship break up is attracted to a younger guy.

Tune in to SBS 2 on Friday night for a TV screening of sister show ‘Banana’ at 10:20pm, followed by the first episode of ‘Cucumber’.

Don’t forget if your watching via Foxtel SBS2 is on three hours earlier.


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