‘We Are Amazing’ says Desmond is Amazing with first music single

Desmond is Amazing performs his song 'We Are Amazing'

Teenage drag star Desmond is Amazing has put out their first single, We Are Amazing is a tune about celebrating individuality and standing up to bullying.

Desmond Naples first came to prominence when they were 10 years old and declared their love of drag, and since then they’ve built up a fan following and hung out with some of the biggest drag stars in the business. Taking up drag at a young age has lead to some controversies and criticism.

Now 14 years old, they’re adding musician to their list of skills, they’re already an author having released a children’s book last year, and Desmond is also in demand for runway work with top designers.

“I wrote We Are Amazing because I wanted LGBTQ+ youth to realize that they are amazing and to pay the haters no mind. It’s okay to be who you are and to be proud of that. I receive a lot of messages from kids and teens saying that they are getting bullied and I want them to realize that they are a thousand times more amazing than the people that bully them.” Desmond said of their new project.

“That was my motivation. I wanted to make an anthem for being yourself. This song is very personal to me because one of my main goals in life is to help others and I hope I can inspire people with my music.”

Staying true to their motto of “Be Yourself, Always.” Desmond shows off some personal style in the clip for the song, which also features many of their fans.  Desmond’s scenes were filmed at  the Sloomoo Institute NYC, giving them a lot of artistic backdrops for the video.

Take a look at Desmond is Amazing’s debut single. 

OIP Staff

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