On Friday We Wear Purple


This Friday August 29th is Wear It Purple Day, where LGBT supporters wear purple to recognise sexuality and gender diverse queer youth, and make a visible stand against bullying and discrimination.

In preparation for Wear It Purple Day, here’s are some examples of flawless purple looks to give you some outfit inspiration!


Barney the Dinosaur flaunts a daring shade on the magenta side of the purple spectrum, boldly contrasted with bright green on the abdomen and vibrant yellow toenails.


Tinky Winky is also no stranger to power clashing, rocking an all-over violet paired with his signature red handbag. For the fearless, don some one-of-a-kind headgear to really stand out.

jeffJeff goes for a classic look with a chic turtleneck alongside black slacks- a wardrobe staple- and matching shiny black shoes. This purple player certainly isn’t dozing off when it comes to style!


Of course, no purple style guide could be complete without the man who invented the hue: Prince himself. I wasn’t alive when ‘Purple Rain’ came out but I’m fairly certain the colour didn’t exist before then. It just sprouted from his bouffant in the middle of a guitar solo. On the ‘Purple Rain’ album cover Prince sports a purple suit accentuated by a a white frilled blouse with a high collar. Bonus points for matching motorbike and smoke machine.

Find out more about Wear It Purple on their website.

Sophie Joske

Image: YAY Media

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