‘Wentworth’ final season trailer is filled with suspense

After almost a decade on our television screens Wentworth is coming to an end.

The trailer for the second part of its elongated eighth season has just been shared and there’s a lot to take in.

What’s in the fast moving trailer? Boomer slamming Marie up against a wall, Joan moving fast, Lou looking menacing, Linda pulling out her baton, someone pulling out a very big knife, Judy chained up and being beaten by Ann Reynolds, Lou looking more menacing, a noose around Marie’s neck, Vera with a shocked expression, a bloodied hand coming out of a deep freeze.

A voice over says “A lot of people we know will end up dead” as Nina Simone’s spooky version of Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood plays over the clip.

It’s not long to wait to find out what happens, the show will return for its final season – dubbed ‘the final sentence’ on Tuesday 24th August on Foxtel.

OIP Staff

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