We’ve updated our giveaways procedures based on your feedback


We’ve had a massive amount of feedback over the last 24 hours about the giveaway we ran to see Culture Club and meet the band.┬áThe competition was drawn on the closing date and the winner was informed of their success.

Many people have asked why we don’t publish who the winners of each competition are, and some also expressed concern that OUTinPerth staff may be giving the prizes to their own family members.

The policy of not publishing winners names is a long standing one. We suspect has been a practice since back in the days when people may not have wanted their names published on an LGBTIQ site because it might have negative consequences in their professional or family life.

Based on your feedback we’ve updated the terms and conditions for giveaways on our website and will now publish the names of all competition and giveaway winners.

We’ve also updated our procedures relating to the collection of prizes. We will no longer ask winners to collect their prizes from the OUTinPerth office, instead we will post them to the winners.

We’d like to reassure everyone that a strict policy has always been in place that bans staff member’s family members entering giveaways.

Giveaway winners are chosen randomly, unless other terms are clearly stated. The random selection is made through an automated system built into our website.

Kind Regards,
Graeme and Leigh