Years & Years delivers a captivating performance of ‘Starstruck’

Years & Years (aka Olly Alexander) has delivered a captivating performance of his new tune Starstruck for James Corden’s Late Show.

With COVID-19 stopping Alexander from travelling the world to promote his new single, he created a special video just for the show.

While he’s returned to making music, after his acclaimed performance in It’s a Sin, Alexander says he’s still on the look-out for great acting roles.

He’s been sent a lot of scripts in recent times, but there’s one particular type of role he’d definitely like to play – a gay superhero!

“I still want to have magic powers in something, or you know play like a really messed up, gay superhero or something.” Alexander told Will Manning on The Big Top 40.

Take a look at the performance from The Late Show. 

OIP Staff

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