Years & Years release their version of Pet Shop Boys ‘It’s a Sin’

To celebrate the release of Russel T Davies new TV show It’s a Sin, Years & Years have released a stunning cover version of the Pet Shop Boys song the series takes its name from.

Olly Alexander, the band’s lead singer, stars in the series as Ritchie Tozer, one of a group of friends who move to London in the early 1980’s only to face the impact of the AIDS crisis.

Music is a key element in taking the audience back in the world of gay clubs of the 1980’s and the show sports a soundtrack featuring Hazel Dean, Divine, Bronski Beat, Kelly Marie and many other dance floor classics.

Pet Shop Boys released their song in 1987 and it was one of their biggest hits. Olly alexander collaborated with the duo on their most recent album Hotspot. 

In interviews Alexander has spoken about how excited he was to get a part in a show written by Davies, who penned the popular British series Queer as Folk. Originally the show was going to be titled Boys but it’s name was changed so it didn’t cause confusion with the Netflix series The Boys. Looking for a new title the creators found the perfect inspiration in the Pet Shop Boys song.

Take a listen to Years & Years version of the tune. 

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