Abbott stands firm against marriage equality

Tony AbbottIt has been announced that a bill co-sponsored by members of the Liberal and Labor parties, as well as independent members, is due to reach Parliament when members return from their break in August.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott responded to the rumblings yesterday. A spokeswoman for his office relayed that Mr Abbott “supports the current policy that marriage is between a man and a woman. The government’s priority is strong economic management and keeping Australians safe.”

Many conservatives have dismissed the news as unlikely and there is no word from Mr Abbott on whether he will allow debate or a free vote in the Liberal party room.

The collaborative bill will be submitted to Parliament on August 11. Labor MP Laurie Ferguson and Greens MP Adam Bandt have confirmed they will be joining their voices with those of the 6 members who announced their sponsorship yesterday (Liberal MPs Warren Entsch and Teresa Gambaro, Labor MP Terri Butler and independents Andrew Wilkie and Cathy McGowan).

Earlier this year, opposition leader Bill Shorten proposed a similar private members bill without the support of other parties. Mr Abbott stated at the time that if “Parliament were to make a big decision on a matter such as this, I want it to be owned by the Parliament, and not by any particular party”.

OIP Staff

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