ACL and Family Voice upset about LGBTI Christmas at Westfield

Religious organisations Family Voice Australia and the Australian Christian Lobby have voiced their opposition to Westfield Shopping Centre’s LGBTI themed photoshoots with Santa which are scheduled to take place this Saturday.

The event, which coincides with Perth’s PrideFEST, sees Santa getting in on the theme of Pride, but staging some extra camp photo shoots. The set up will see Santa donning some extra glitter and rainbows and some drag queen helpers will be in attendance too.

The Australian Christian Lobby is outraged that Santa will be appearing alongside drag performers rather than his traditional reindeer.

“This is a shocking example of ideologues using our children to advance their own agenda, and we cannot be silent in the face of this travesty.” the group said on their website.

“The picture of innocence – children having a photo with Santa – will be shattered by the inclusion of an adult entertainer – a drag queen.”

The ACL has asked their supporters to write to Westfield Shopping Centres and voice their opposition to the event.

A pre-written letter is provided on the ACL website that includes the phrases “I am shocked”, “you have taken something magical and turned it into a farce”, “drag queens are offensive to many girls and women”, and “considering the high rate of mental health issues in the community”, and “let kids be kids!”

Family Voice Australia, a religious based conservative family group, have also voiced their opposition, accusing Westfield Shopping Centre’s of trying to “homosexualise” Christmas.

“Christmas is a sacred time of year. It should not be highjacked to promote divisive sexual ideologies,” said Family Voice’s David d’Lima.

The Family Voice spokesperson said a celebration of non-traditional families was unacceptable.

“Every child needs a mum and dad, whenever possible, and that is something well worth celebrating every day of the year.” d’Lima said.

“Families visiting shopping centres should be confident that their children will not be exposed to the queer agenda when shopping. Mums and dads will have a hard time explaining why same-sex relationships should be celebrated,” d’Lima said.

The event from Westfield, which raises funds for community organisation Living Proud, sees rainbow families being invited to visit four Westfield Shopping Centre’s in Perth for a Santa photoshoot that comes with extra Pride flags, glitter and drag queens.

Scentre Group, WA Regional Manager Centre Experience, Lachlan Monfries, said the event showed their commitment to ensuring everyone was welcome at Westfield Shopping Centres.

‘Living Proud this Christmas’ is going to be a fantastic celebration and continues our commitment to offering an inclusive environment for all communities. Everyone is welcome and we encourage all customers to come and enjoy the celebrations and raise funds and awareness for a local WA charity.

“The initiative is part of a much broader commitment to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture year-round within all our Westfield Living Centres and across our entire business, celebrating days of significance such as Wear it Purple Day and Mardi Gras.”

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