Adam Noviello teams up with LYNDON for ‘Satan’s Filing My Nails’

Adam Noviello teams up with LYNDON for their new track Satan’s Filing My Nails.

Noviello launched their debut EP Tears, Drugs and Voicemails last year which included the stunning track Hereticnow comes got a video for another track that first appeared on the collection.

The artist, who has a background in musical theatre, has shared that the idea for the song came to them in the middle of a performance.

“I was mid-performance of a musical when the idea for Satan’s Filing my Nails came to me! I was appearing in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Naarm (Melbourne), and my relationship with my manager at the time was becoming unfortunately negative. My contract with the show was nearing its end, and I suddenly began to fantasise about what my life would look like when the show had closed and I was maybe free of my oppressive management.

“In the middle of Act 1, I marched up to the rehearsal room, sat at the piano, and wrote the song. It just poured out of me. I pictured my life, my attitude, my clothes, my hair, my art and my existence how I desired. How I TRULY desired. It looked fierce. It looked fabulous. It looked free!” Noviello shared.

The newest incarnation of the track sees LYNDON, another star of musical theatre, joining Noviello on the tune. LYNDON found success on the stage in the Australian production of Hamilton where he played Aaron Burr.

“Having both originated from the world of musical theatre, LYNDON and I have been friends for years. He is a phenomenal artist and person. His unabashed belief in his creative self should inspire us all. LYNDON is Trinidadian/Australian, so he was drawn to the song’s reggae influence, and he leaned into it when he wrote his verse.” Noviello said.

The release of the new video follows Noviello delivering a memorable performance at Melbourne’s Midsumma Carnival.

Take a look at the clip. 

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