ALP’s Lisa Baker to Introduce Same Sex Marriage Bill

Lisa BakerLisa Baker, the ALP member for Maylands has announced her intention to introduce a private members bill for marriage equality into the WA parliament in 2014.

The politicians believes that the bill will have widespread support across party lines.

“Not only in my party but across the parliament of WA the majority of our politicians would think this is an idea which has come of age and happy to follow the lead of other countries and other states,” Baker said.

Baker has said that she is not deterred by the federal government’s high court challenge of similar legislation in the ACT.

“As these bills have been presented in various parliaments, we have learnt more about the constitutional issues and what the way forward should look like.” Baker said.

Previously former Labor MP for Perth John Hyde had announced his intention to introduce similar legislation but the politician lost his seat at the state election to Liberal Eleni Evangel.

Equal Love will be holding a rally for Marriage Equality in Stirling Gardens on Saturday November 23rd from 1pm.

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