Andrew Barr labels phone poll from Binary as “offensive nonsense”

The ACT’s Chief Minister Andrew Barr has labeled a robo-poll reportedly from anti-transgender organisation Binary as “offensive nonsense”.

Barr took to his Twitter account on Monday night to condemn the automated phone survey as people in the ACT shared their thoughts on the receiving the poll.

“Can confirm a burst of robo push-polling in Canberra tonight-authorised by a deeply conservative Melbourne based group called Binary Australia. I received their robo-call peddling offensive nonsense. Nasty stuff. Fortunately our city is inclusive and welcoming of LGBTIQ people.” Barr posted.

The group has previously been criticised for using polling methods that aim to illicit a particular response from those they approach. The results of their previous survey was published exclusively by The Australian newspaper.

They claimed their survey showed Australian parents are overwhelmingly opposed to their children learning about the experiences of people who are transgender. The Australian published the results of the poll on the eve of International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia (IDAHoBIT).

According to The Australian a poll of 3,842 parents across Australia showed strong opposition to children learning about gender fluidity in classrooms, with 88 per cent of coalition supporters, and 72 per cent of Labor voters voicing their opposition.

The new round of robocalls follows Andrew Barr’s government introducing a bill to ban conversion therapy in the ACT. Opponents to the bill have argued that forces medical professionals encourage transgender people to take hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery over other treatment options, while the Australian Christian Lobby have described the bill as encroaching on religious freedom.

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