Artist Philip Shadbolt shares new work at PrideFEST exhibition

Artist Philip Shadbolt is showcasing new work during PrideFEST with his exhibition Into the Light.

The artist hosted a successful exhibition Shadows and Light earlier this year, and local collector snapped up many of his unique works.

This new show features personal selections from the previous exhibition as well as new works created in the last six months.

Shadbolt’s photographs are composites – hundreds of images layered on top of each other to create a single artwork.  Among other things, he uses patterns from Persian rugs and Indian textiles, as well as images he has collected from nature, such as leaves and flowers.

Even the people in his images are often composites, so the eyes, nose and mouth might be from three different people.  These final images celebrate male beauty in a bright, colourful, sensual, fabulous, fantasy, and frankly over the top way.

Thirty-nine works are on display in the exhibition, and they each have a powerful name including Devotion, Midas, Sargon, Raja, Trinity and Orlando to name a few.

The Philip Shadbolt exhibition opened on Saturday night and is now open to the public from 10am – 4pm each day from Sunday 6th until Monday 14th November. The exhibition is at 43 Washing Lane in Northbridge.

Take a look at the work of Philip Shadbolt via his website

OIP Staff

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