Baroness Royall Says Liberal MP Nick Goiran is “fundamentally mistaken”

220px-BaronessRoyallPortraitBaroness Royall of Blaisdon, the shadow leader in Britain’s House of Lords has told OUTinPerth that a WA Liberal politician Nick Goiran is “fundamentally mistaken” regarding his position on marriage.

Earlier this week the WA Liberal delivered a speech in parliament that argued against same sex marriage on the basis it would lead to incestuous relationships.

Baroness Royall stated that she is very proud to have helped Britain’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) act through their parliament this year. Baroness Royall said Mr Goiran’s comments in the Western Australian parliament, that quoted her and then argued that same sex marriage would lead to incestuous relationships, is an often used scaremongering argument.

“As I said in Parliament I firmly believe that society is strengthened by marriage and I am delighted that more couples are able to marry and celebrate their life long commitment to each other,” said Baroness Royall.

“Of course, I do not mean that it should be possible for brothers and sisters to wed, however, this is the sort of argument that is often used by those who are against equal marriage, likewise the scaremongering about polygamy, either because of their religious faith or sometimes because of homophobia.

“We had long and hard debates in both the Houses of Parliament on the equal marriage bill, but the majorities in favour of the bill were huge, even in the House of Lords where many were surprised by the wonderful speeches in support of the bill.  I am convinced that in a few years many of those who spoke against the bill will find that their concerns have disappeared.

“It is interesting to note that many, including the Bishops, who voted against the Civil Partnerships Act which was passed in 2004, are now strongly in favour of Civil Partnerships.

Baroness Royall said marriage is best served when it is available to both heterosexual and LGBT couples.

“I think that Senator Goiran is fundamentally mistaken when he says that society is best served by protecting ‘the union of one man and a woman to the exclusion of all others voluntarily entered into for life.’  It is best served by the marriage of couples, either heterosexual LGBT, who have a life long commitment to each other and who may wish to raise children within the marriage.”

Baroness Royall also shared that last weekend she had just celebrated the marriage of her daughter Charlie to New Zealander Kane Meekel. The couple wed in Britain but live in Fremantle.

Mr Goiran’s comments have been criticised by members of Labor and The Greens, while Premier Barnett has stated that he does not agree with Mr Goiran’s position.

Graeme Watson

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16-08-13   Nick Goiran Says Same Sex Marriage Will Lead to Incestuous Relationships


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