Belinda Carlisle is back with new single ‘Big Big Love’

Belinda Carlisle has released today her brand new single Big Big Love, which marks the pop icon’s first new English language studio recording since 1997 and it’s a triumphant reunion with songwriter Diane Warren.

Produced by Mati Gavriel, the single is released on Warren’s label imprint RAF/BMG and will be available on all streaming platforms and digital services. The song is a upbeat and fast paced tune.

Big Big Love will be followed by a five-track digital EP entitled, Kismet, featuring the single and four additional new songs all with words and music by Diane Warren. The EP is scheduled to be released 12th May.

Diane Warren shared her excitement about reunited with Carlisle decades after their previous collaboration.

“I’m so excited for everyone to hear Belinda’s new record. She’s never sounded better. It’s so great to be working together again after all these years.  From I Get Weak and now to Big Big Love, a new chapter has begun.  I can’t wait for everyone to hear these new hits!”

Belinda Carlisle and Diane Warren first collaborated in 1987 for the singer’s second solo album Heaven on Earth, which featured the Diane Warren penned songs, I Get Weak and World Without You, and also the anthemic, Heaven Is A Place On Earth, the track that shot to the top of the charts all over the world and established Belinda Carlisle as a global star.

In addition to Belinda’s new solo outings, she has also recently recorded another Diane Warren track – Gonna Be You which is featured in the movie 80 For Brady. This song saw Belinda team up with Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan and Debbie Harry.

Belinda Carlisle first came to prominence as the lead singer of The Go-Gos, before launching a hugely successful solo career that saw her top the charts through the 1980s and 90s. While she’s continued touring, joined a reformed The GoGos several times, and staged a musical based around the band’s works, in more recent recordings have included an album of classic French songs and a record of meditative Yoga chants.

Discussing working with Diane Warren, Belinda Carlisle commented, “Twenty-six years on from making my last English language pop record I really wasn’t thinking I would ever make one again…… and I was quite happy with that idea. Then a chance encounter in a coffee shop led me back to the wonderful Diane Warren and she gave me the incredible gift of this song and the other songs on my upcoming EP.”

“Diane’s song writing is both a joy and mystery to me. She makes it look so easy, where I imagine it must be unbelievably hard, to do what she does so amazingly well over so many years and so many records. I can’t thank her enough for writing this music for me and I only hope everyone else loves it as much as I do.” Carlisle said.

The EP will include Big Big Love, alongside four more new recordings If You Go, Deeper Into You, I Couldn’t Do That To Me and Sanity.

Fans will get their chance to see Belinda Carlisle live in concert when she heads back to Australia later this year, her Decades tour will celebrate 35 years of her solo career.

The tour will kick off in Perth with a show at The Astor Theatre, before heading around the country

Read our 2012 interview with Belinda about her long career.

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