BROODS drop new single and video for ‘Like A Woman’

New Zealand’s BROODS dive into the new year with the release of Like A Woman, the third single from the brother/sister duo’s new studio album Space Island – Out Friday February 18th.

The team say Like a Woman opens on a sudden burst of harmony, the track retreats into desolate stillness before building to a gorgeously explosive bridge. Meanwhile, lead vocalist Georgia Nott’s distinctive voice drifts from tender to soulful to impossibly fragile in its potent expression of the pain of being undermined.

“To me that song very much reflects what it feels like to talk about things that have hurt you. You might start off like, ‘I think I’m all right. Although it did hurt. It hurt a lot, actually. I mean, yeah—it really fucking hurt.’ Or at least that’s how I tend to talk about these things,” Georgia said of the track.

“It’s still really hard to listen to this song almost 2 1/2 years after writing it, but I’m learning that, when I look a little deeper into the aches and pains, they all come from a place of love. Doing that gives me a way of seeing it in a non-judgmental way. Of being gentle and accepting of the things that have hurt me.”

For Georgia, she says Like A Woman arrived to her like a visitor from another realm.

“This one floated through the window and landed gently on my fingers while I was playing a Rhodes organ. It possessed me for no more than 10 minutes, but it left me with Like A Woman. I didn’t have any idea at the time how important of a song it would become to me. I hope people can feel as held as I felt when they hear it.”

Alongside the single BROODS also share the final chapter of the Space Island video trilogy.

Premiering on Consequence Of Sound, the official video for Like A Woman is directed by New Zealand film maker Sam Kristofski, who also directed the Space Island Chapter 1 video for Piece of Mind. The cinematic clip, filmed in their native New Zealand, is an extension of the B-movie-inspired videos shot on 35mm and 16mm of the first chapter, and follows the animated Space Island Chapter 2 video for single Heartbreak.

“This chapter takes us to the final destination in the Space Island trilogy; a harsh, desolate desert,” Georgia adds.

“A place to reflect on what’s happened with the perspective that space and time gifts you. For me it’s a place to name what I’ve been through and the person I’ve played to please others. By naming it and facing it I can let go and move on from it and become a more authentic version of myself.”

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