Australian Christians for Marriage Equality in launched in Sydney

Australian Christians for Marriage Equality launched a public campaign today in support of the YES vote for marriage equality.

Australian Christians for Marriage Equality is a national campaign bringing together churches, church organisations, ordained ministers and ordinary Christians who support civil marriage equality. The organisations national launch was held in Sydney today, but a WA branch will launch in Perth on Thursday.

The campaign aims to give a voice to the majority of Australian Christians who support marriage equality and intend to vote YES in the upcoming postal plebiscite.

The Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt said religious teachings made it clear that all people deserved to be treated fairly.

“I support marriage equality because God desires that all people are treated with dignity and fairness. Marriage strengthens relationships and gives stability to families.

“We understand this is a matter of civil marriage laws. Churches and other faith communities will continue to be free to practice their own traditions,” Rev Catt said.

Reverend Dr Margaret Mayman said support for marriage equality aligned with Christian values.

“Christians support marriage equality because of our faith, not in spite of it.” Reverend Mayman said.

“At the heart of Jesus’ message is the command to love our neighbours, without discrimination. That’s why I will be voting Yes to equality, and encourage all people of good will to do the same.”

Executive Director of the Equality Campaign, Tiernan Brady, welcomed the support from the organisation.

“Today these Christian leaders have shown that marriage equality can be a unifying moment for all Australians.

“Consistent polling demonstrates that the majority of people of faith are voting Yes for marriage equality because it is about our family and friends, people who attend our churches, our team mates, and colleagues,” Brady said.

Speaking at the launch broadcaster Julie McCrossin, who is an elder in the Anglican Church, shared her experience as a Christian who is same-sex attracted.

“When I was a school girl, going to Anglican schools, homosexuality was a criminal act. It was a mental illness, and I was told it was against God’s will.

“I left school in ’71. The American Psychiatric Association said it was no longer a mental illness in ’72, it was decriminalised in 1984, and I feel like I’ve been on  along journey waiting for the third pillar to change, that we were accepted in the eye’s of God, and to be honest with you; I believe that we are accepted as gay and lesbian, transgender people in the eye’s of God” McCrossin said.

“It’s the leadership of our faith groups, with the exception of the Quakers and the Uniting Church, who do welcome gay, lesbian and transgender people into their faith groups and celebrations.”

The TV personality, who is a member of the ’78s, the group who participated in the protest parade that led to the iconic Mardi Gras celebration, said most people of faith disagreed with religious leaders on the issue of marriage equality.

A recent survey conducted by the Equality cmapaign which was conducted by Jim Reed of Newgate Research who surveyed 1000 people online, found that the majority of Catholics and Christians supported marriage equality.

The research showed 58 per cent of people of faith back the YES campaign, compared with 79 per cent of non-religious Australians.

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