Christine Anu’s Singing Makes Hearts Beat

Christine AnuChristine Anu is back making music and has a brand new version of her song ‘Beat of Your Heart’.

The creation of this new version of the song has an interesting background. Christine worked with Metamucil and Heart Research Australia. They recorded the sound of people’s heart beats and then worked the recordings in to the track.

It’s hard to believe that it’s 19 years since Anu first released the song on her sophomore album ‘Come My Way’.

The singer has said that fans can expect new music in the next 18 months. Between now and then, Anu is set to go on the road again with ‘her show Rewind – The Aretha Franklin Songbook’.

OUTinPerth spoke to Christine last year when she was in town for ‘South Pacific’ and she told us how much she wanted to get back to recording original music.

“My dire desire is to get some more original music done again. I haven’t written anything in the last seven years. The reason being that it doesn’t pay, and I’ve just been working to pay the bills. Big name, no blanket,” Anu said. “You can have your name up in lights but it doesn’t equate to the bank balance.”

“I’m hoping while I’m tour I can get so many writing sessions in, we have lots of down time so I should be able to get lot’s done.”

Anu told us that she didn’t want to get back into her own musical career until the mix was right, and she felt the passion.

“There’s been a huge block in me,” Anu admitted, “The fear of writing, the fear of the words going down the drain because nobody likes them, and a fear that an album may fall flat on it’s arse, is always the fear with me. I need to get over that little hill and reconnect with the passion and ask who is the new Christine?”

The track is available from iTunes and part of the proceeds go towards heart research.