Dirty Versachi returns with new tune ‘Rainbow Light Beam’

Dirty Versachi

Dirty Versarchi has returned with a great new tune Rainbow Light Beam.

The new track is co-produced by Andrew McEwan (Huntly), mixed by Tim Watt (MUTO, Golden Features) and mastered by Klaus Hill (PNAU, Ministry of Sound).

The song explores how boundaries can become blurred and complicated when crossing from friends to lovers.

The non-binary artist and drag queen Dirty Versachi is quickly becoming known for their songs exploring relationships, queer identity, and gender.

Dirty Versachi

Each of their releases has been accompanied by a colourful and enigmatic film clip, with Rainbow Light Beam no
exception. Accompanying the song is a powerful music video choreographed and co-directed by Lachlan Purcell, depicting Dirty Versachi’s “avant-alien energy”.

“I wanted ‘Rainbow Light Beam’ to be feel like a repetitive mantra that encapsulates the desire to be free and to disassociate with everything that is happening around you. I also wanted it to feel queer, spacey and out of this world!” Dirty Versachi said.

The release follows previous singles Sticky Fingers and Resting Power.

Take a listen to the new song. 

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