“Don’t deadname me” Chelsea Manning tells Peter Greste

Chelsea Manning has appeared via video link for her talk at the Sydney Opera House after the Australian government refused to issue a visa for her trip to Australia.

The former intelligence analyst who spent seven years behind bars after she leaked classified documents to Wikileaks was interviewed by respected journalist Peter Greste.

During Sunday night’s interview Manning took exception to Greste using the name she went by before transitioning gender and called him out.

“Please don’t deadname me,” she said. Her request getting loud cheers from the audience. The interview continued with Manning discussing her time in the US military and her thoughts on LGBTIQ+ rights.

Manning said her understanding of the world had been shattered when California’s Prop 8 legislation had turned back marriage laws in the US state, and that courts alone could not affect change in the realm of transgender rights.

Manning will also appear by video link for speaking engagements planned for Melbourne and Brisbane.

OIP Staff