Eager For Earnest

Actor Scott Sheridan in Rehearsals iamge 2Actor Scott Sheridan is looking forward to tackling Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. Given the enduring popularity of the work it’s surprising that there is an actor who hasn’t previously performed it at some stage of their career.

“So many people have spoken to me and said that they studied it or performed it at school or that they’ve seen the play before.” Sheridan tells OUTinPerth during rehearsals. “I never really touched on it at school; I think we did a reading at University…when I read through the script though I was just chuckling to myself all the way through.”

 Since its first performance in 1895 ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ has remained a crowd favourite with many members of the audience knowing the script intimately  – creating an extra challenge for the performers, Sheridan comments that when it comes to recognisable lines and anticipation some of Wilde’s lines in this play are up there with the best of Shakespeare.

“Some people argue that this is one of the most perfect comedies ever written,” says Sheridan, “and I’d have to agree, it’s hilarious, even after a hundred years.”

Sheridan notes that the role of Algernon has another challenge that he had not anticipated, “I have to eat so much, there are so many cucumber sandwiches, cakes and bread. At the end of the rehearsal I’m so overloaded on carbs.”

Joining Sheridan in the cast are some of Perth’s most respected actors including Jenny Davis, Rebecca Davis, Michael Loney, Adrianne Daff and comedian Peter Rowsthorn.

Black Swan State Theatre Company’s production of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ plays from March 9-28 at the Heath Ledger Theatre. Tickets available through ticketek.com.au

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