Egyptian Men Arrested for Gay Wedding Video

Egypt Marriage

Police in Egypt are in the process of arresting a number of men due to their participation in an unofficial gay wedding.

The wedding was held on a riverboat on the Nile in April of this year. Footage of the ceremony went viral on social media and was broadcast online on Aljadeed TV. Some are reportedly calling for the men to be identified and put to death.

The public prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the wedding constituted a criminal act because the images were “humiliating, regrettable and would anger God”.

According to news agency Reuters, seven men have so far been arrested, while another two are yet to be tracked down.

Once arrested, the men will reportedly be subject to “physical examinations” to determine whether or not they have had anal sex, and will face charges for spreading images that “violate public decency”.

The prosecutor general has called for a swift trial in order to “safeguard the values of society and implement justice”.

Although homosexuality is specifically outlawed in Egypt, same sex acts are often punished under laws relating to public decency.

The video can be seen below.

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