Future Of Pride WA Uncertain

pride flagPride WA have announced that their current financial status is uncertain and have cancelled all future events to avoid trading while possibly insolvent.

The announcement was made on the groups Facebook page.

In recent weeks the committee had recruited former Co-presidents Daniel Smith and Sue Fisher to join the team that has been plagued by a series of resignations over the last 12 months. Today is was announced that Smith would take over the role of Treasurer, replacing Katie Daly, and Fisher would act as the organisation’s media spokesperson replacing Alice Newport.

The non profit organisation runs the Perth Pride Festival incorporating the annual Pride Parade, Festival and Fairday.

The full message read:

The Committee of Management of Pride Western Australia Incorporated advises members that the organisation’s financial result for 2012 remains uncertain at the current time.

To ensure the organisation does not trade while financially insolvent, Pride will not stage any events until these issues are fully reported and resolved. This includes deferring the Quiz Night.

Members will shortly receive notification of Pride’s Annual General Meeting, at which the Committee will report on Pride’s financial position in detail.

The Committee will also report on options for moving forward, with the objective of ensuring major community events continue to be staged in 2013 and into the future.

The Committee is currently working with Pride’s creditors to negotiate settlement of outstanding invoices. The Committee is also in discussions with Pride’s major sponsors and funders to ensure confidence is maintained during this time.

The Committee asks for the support of its members, and the broader community, as we work through these challenges.

With this being the second time in five years that Pride has found itself in a potentially insolvent position, the Committee believes the current situation provides the community with an opportunity to have a serious discussion about what it wants from Pride as an organisation going forward.

The Committee believes there is strong support and affection for Pride and the role that it has played in unifying our community and providing us with visibility over the years. Pride’s major events are the only events of their type that bring our diverse community together. Many of us associate some of our favourite memories with Pride events.

However, Pride’s ability to stage these events has been eroded over time by lower levels of community participation in the running of the organisation.

The Committee believes there remains a strong need and community desire for Pride and its events in the future, but change is needed. The current situation provides an opportunity for a discussion about what we want from Pride in the future, and what change is needed to achieve that.

We encourage members to attend the Annual General Meeting to participate in this discussion.

Between now and the AGM, former Co-Presidents Daniel Smith and Sue Fisher (formerly Fisher Hendry) will serve as Pride’s Acting Treasurer and Acting Media Spokesperson, respectively. They may be contacted at [email protected].

Should you be in a position to provide any assistance to Pride during this difficult time, any offers of support will be gratefully received at the same email address.

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