The Greens say there is no place for One Nation in WA Parliament

It seems like everyday there’s another story about a One Nation candidate expressing racist and homophobic views.

In recent days OUTinPerth revealed Bateman candidate Michelle Meyers had concerns about a Nazi styled mind control program.

The Australian reported on Ross Slater in Murray-Wellington‘s belief that marriage equality would lead to brothers and sisters wanting to get married and bestiality.

Yesterday The Sydney Morning Herald highlighted unsavoury comments by upper house candidate Richard Eldridge.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said yesterday’s news report claiming Eldridge once advocated killing Indonesian journalists and has used derogatory language to attack gay people, Muslims and people of African descent on his former Twitter account confirms there is no place for One Nation in the WA Parliament.

“As a society, we show zero tolerance for this kind of language and behaviour in our schools, in our laws and in most institutions, social circles and work places,” Ms MacLaren said.

“So we should not accept it for a moment among people who aspire to public office.

“This news about a One Nation candidate is sadly not new or out of the ordinary  – One Nation is as racist as it always was.

“It gives the lie to comments by senior Liberals in recent days that One Nation has changed.” MacLaren said.

“The Liberal Party in WA has sunk to very low depths in announcing it would preference One Nation.

MacLaren said her party continued to be the party that stood for inclusiveness.

“We stand for fair and multicultural country, and accepting all people as equals regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, gender or place of birth.”

Eldridge reportedly previously said if marriage equality was permitted a gay marriage certificate should be called a “poof proof certificate” or the “licker letter of the law”. The One Nation member also refers to gay relationships as “poo games” and said heterosexual marriages result in children while same sex relationship only result in “bum sex”.

The candidate has defended his tweets as “locker room talk” echoing the statements made by US President Donald Trump following revelations of offensive comments that were caught on tape several years before he entered politics.

OIP Staff


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