Helix star’s assault and racist abuse in NYC caught on camera

A man who was captured on film yelling racist abuse at a city sanitation worker, before assaulting a passerby who captured his actions on film, has been identified as Joe O’Brien. He also goes by the name Justin O’Brien and might be recognisable to some as adult entertainer Dustin Gold.

O’Brien performed in adult entertainment as Dustin Gold for the popular porn company Helix. The studio has announced the actor would not be hired for any future shoots, although it is several years since he last worked for the company.

The video captured O’Brien allegedly getting frustrated with a NYC sanitation worker’s van blocking the street, where he shouted abuse and a racial slur. He then is seen getting into an altercation with a passerby who captured the incident on his mobile phone.

The video was shared online by council candidate Anthony Beckford who said he was committed to calling out people who resort to using racist language. Beckford is one of the founders of the Brooklyn chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The incident happened on Saturday 18th July and is now being investigated by police.

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