Jack Vidgen speaks about how he handles trolls

Singer Jack Vidgen has spoken about how he deals with constant abuse from online trolls.

The singer who made his mark on Australia’s Got Talent and The Voice – Australia is currently a contestant on the reality TV show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. He chatted to his campmates about the abuse he’s had to ensure since he was a teenager.

“They play on the gay thing, they play on the looks thing.” Vidgen said in a conversation with Abbie Chatsfield who appeared on The Bachelor franchise.

Vidgen said he copped the worst comments when he first appeared on The Voice and people saw how his looks had changed. “They really went in, and went hard.” he said.

The young singer shared that he found it almost impossible to not see comments that appeared on his own profile’s like Instagram, but he made a strict rule to never ever read any of the comments that appeared under news articles about him.

Chatfield said she found it heartbreaking that Vidgen had to see abusive comments.

“It breaks my heart that Jack gets trolled.” Chatfield said, “Particularly because he  would have been trolled since he was a kid, I was 23 when I started getting trolled, so I was pretty muck okay, but Jack being a kid when he started to get that attention, and still having it to this day, I understand why he’s so ‘I just have to block it out’, I totally get it.”

Chatfield shared with camp mates her approach with inappropriate comments was to take them on and reply, saying people were always sending her messages about her looks and body.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here continues on Sunday night on Ten. Jack Vidgen is shaping up as one of the favourites on the show.   

OIP Staff

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