Joel Creasey and Laura V have a ‘New Leash on Life’

Comedian Joel Creasey is teaming up with dog behaviourist Laura V for an adorable six-part series on ABC.

New Leash on Life sets out on a mission to reduce the number of dogs in Australian pounds, with the team rescuing, training and pairing pups with families or individuals looking for a new best mate.

Joel and Laura make a new match each episode, but the matches can be complicated and Laura is equipped with advice to identify if the new home, or the new owner, is the right fit for the dog.

Though he’s a big dog lover, Joel has never stepped foot in a pound before and he has much to learn from Laura. A fish out of water, Joel takes in Laura’s vast knowledge as they work together to locate the perfect forever homes.

New Leash on Life premieres on ABC, Tuesday 4 July.

Image: David Dare Parker

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